Two Ideas That May as Well Be an Acid Trip or Spiritual Movement

First, a disclosure. I’ve never tripped. Many people allege profound insights doing so. Alas — not me — not yet, anyway. (Microdosing… another story). So how can I sit here and make the comparison? Simply put, there is a stupidly obvious parallel between spirituality and psychedelics, and the lasting mental-shift they induce, across all written and spoken accounts. (Ooo, geez, another massively misunderstood word already “spirituality”…). For simplicity sake, let’s define “spirituality” as the understanding of our existence. Simply that.

Bottom line — if you DON’T consider yourself spiritual, and you find the idea of an acid trip repulsive, this may be the perfect doorway to grab radical transformation from a non-woo, rational, non-pharmacological foundation.

The biggest risk in reading this, is that the ideas seem so pithy, so obvious… so completely pointless. And this is the fantastic irony: Only a little bit of inquiry will show any person a life-changing reality that hides in plain sight.

This is actually why I suspect psychedelics and spirituality are so successful for many— because in both cases, people strap-in for the ride without a clear understanding of what they’ll find. They’re committed. Whereas these, well, are just a couple unadorned ideas… but if you pick your head up and look around, you will find thousands and thousands of people, poets, scientists, philosophers, wishing for humanity to recognize these things.

DON’T BE MISLED. Wonderful epiphanies lie within these ideas.

Idea 1: Non-Identification - You are NOT Your Thoughts

Thoughts, feelings, sensations. When these things arise in our mind, they take us for a ride. If this doesn’t resonate, consider it’s because you have spent most of your life on the ride and have not recognized this yet. Consider the short youtube clip here, to hear from someone with decades experience in science and medicine illustrate the same.

Idea 2: Non-Desire — Desire is 99% Empty, and Terribly Frustrating

Here again, I’m going to let the wisdom of others do some heavy lifting to drive this home. Three quotes:

“When you fully realize that what you’re seeking doesn’t exist in manifestation and can’t be found “out there” in experiences or states of any kind, there’s a relaxation of being and a cessation of seeking. This is true renunciation, not as asceticism or denial, but because you see that complete fulfillment is only available in the Now. Once this is finally acknowledged by the mind, there is a giving up, and attention naturally turns back on itself in a kind of spontaneous self-inquiry.”
Stephan Bodian

“There may be a moment in life when our compensatory activities, the accumulation of money, learning and objects, leaves us feeling deeply apathetic. This can motivate us towards the search for our real nature beyond appearances. We may find ourselves asking, ‘Why am I here? What is life? Who am I?’ Sooner or later any intelligent person asks these questions. The root of all desires is the one desire: to come home, to be at peace.”
Jean Klein

“The pursuit of happiness for its own sake is a fool’s errand. As a goal it is frivolous and unrealistic — frivolous because happiness is a transient state dependent on many conditions, and unrealistic because life is unpredictable and pain may arise at any time. The happiness you feel when you get something you have always wanted typically lasts no longer than three days. Bliss states in meditation are similar, whether they arise as physical or emotional bliss or the bliss of infinite space, infinite consciousness, or infinite nothingness. These states soon dissipate once you reengage the messiness of life. A dewdrop on a blade of grass, indeed!”
Ken McLeod

Hold these Ideas. Watch Your Life Melt.

What does this mean? It’s like shampooing a carpet that’s been highly trafficked and neglected, suddenly restored to it’s original beautiful color. It’s like seeing things that used to bother you vanish into vapor, and noticing simple beautiful things that were right in front of your nose the entire time. It’s realizing that, so simply, but powerfully, everything is OK, right now. That you don’t have to discover and climb new mountains or search so aggressively to obtain anything to finally, once and for all, be happy and satisfied. That the story of “you” — is not quite what you believed it was. The scales fall from your eyes.

If you’ve read this far and you don’t feel enlightened, well that was definitely not the aim of this article. I am merely pointing toward wild paths to explore on your own, and making sincere claims about what you might find down those roads. The best this article can possibly do is light a small flame of curiosity. It’s up to you to walk the path. Or you can always trip acid, start Buddhism, or both.

A suggestion on how to start? I have two options, offered here, and there are many ways to discover additional options on your own. All of these roads lead converge. You just need a couple footholds to start.

I truly hope you pull this thread…

More of my personal experience on this idea, here.




Life seems like a process of perpetually waking up to what a fool you are, and remaining awestruck by the vastness of knowledge and beauty around you.

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Life seems like a process of perpetually waking up to what a fool you are, and remaining awestruck by the vastness of knowledge and beauty around you.

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